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For number of years this was the website for KWAX in Eugene, OR.
Content is from the site's 2007 archived pages.

The current website for KWAX is found at:

To listen on air, tune in to 91.1 in Eugene, 88.5 in Redmond, 91.5 in Florence, 92.3 in Canyonville, 92.9 in Salem, 91.3 in Newport, 98.9 in Bend, 90.9 in Sunriver, 101.9 in Cottage Grove, 97.9 in Roseburg, 105.3 in Glide, or 92.9 in Corvallis. 

Eugene's Classical Station CIRCA 2007

For years, KWAX has served the world only the best classical music. Listeners from Oregon to Germany to New Zealand tune in every day to hear one of the remaining stations committed to providing quality classical music programming. 

Supported solely by listener donations and sponsorship, KWAX boasts an impressive collection of more than 10,000 compact discs and is one of the few stations in the world with a vinyl collection of more than 13,000 records. This collection is only possible because listeners around the world give generously. 

Because we are 100 percent listener supported we rely on people like you to support the classical programming we provide. Donating to KWAX takes less than five minutes and can be done online or by check. Your donation will go directly to KWAX in its entirety.


The Best Classical Music

Our comprehensive music collection allows us to offer unique and dynamic programming to listeners of every kind.

Once each evening we air entire concerts recorded live. You can listen on the radio all across Oregon, or you can listen anywhere in the world from their current website.

Eugene, 91.1 KWAX
Redmond, 88.5 KWRX
Florence, 91.5 KWVZ

Salem 92.9
Newport 91.3
Bend 98.9
Sunriver 90.9
Cottage Grove 101.9
Roseburg 105.3
Sutherlin-Oakland 107.1
Canyonville 92.3

KWAX On-Air Programming

Always know when your favorite programs are on with the KWAX programming guide. View any day of the week and the programs that will air. Use the arrows to view each day of the week.

Special Events

Keep checking here to find special programs and events that we will broadcast.


KWAX International

KWAX has filled an important role in Oregon for years. As its audience grew, KWAX grew with it by expanding its broadcast reach across Oregon and into the rest of the United States.

As soon as KWAX went online it immediatly spawned an ever-growing international audience. Financial contributions have been made from three different continents with satisfied listeners on five.

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I Heard Something...


Many listeners hear a piece on the radio and later want to find out the title or composer. The links below would have taken you to the information archives for the various programs on KWAX. Unfortunately, we are unable to list the music we play while it is on the air. This is because our announcers pick each selection in real time, rather than having our programming selected by computer. If you hear something you like, and would like information about it, simply note the date and time and give us a call during regular business hours.

The Beethoven Satellite Network
- Classical music with Peter Van De Graff 
- A program devoted to early music.
With Heart and Voice
- Choral music hosted by Richard Gladwell 
Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts
- Latest season 
Classical Guitar Alive
- Tony Morris presents an hour of music for the classical guitar
The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
- Concert series 
Exploring Music
- with Bill McGlaughlin 
Collector's Corner
- with Henry Fogel 
Compact Discoveries
- with Fred Flaxman 
Millenium of Music
- Early music with Robert Aubry Davis 
Metropolitan Opera
- Radio broadcast season. 
The Spanish Hour
- Radio Broadcast Season
Performance Today
- Radio Broadcast Season



More Background On KWAX Radio

KWAX Radio, located in Eugene, Oregon, is renowned for its dedication to classical music, serving not just the local community but a global audience through online streaming. This station, licensed to the University of Oregon, has built a reputation for its high-quality programming and commitment to the genre.

Originally established in the late 1950s, KWAX began as a student-managed station at the University of Oregon, operating from Villard Hall with just a 10-watt transmitter. Over the years, it has evolved significantly, expanding its reach and upgrading its facilities to better serve its listeners. The station operates under the call sign KWAX and broadcasts at a frequency of 91.1 FM. It's one of the rare stations that focuses exclusively on classical music, distinguishing itself from others by not only playing recorded music but also featuring live concert broadcasts​.

The community greatly appreciates KWAX for its unique offerings in the classical music scene. Listeners have noted its importance in their daily lives, particularly praising its quality and the soothing presence it brings, especially during drives.



KWAX Radio in Eugene, Oregon, has earned a commendable reputation for its classical music offerings and reaches a wide audience both locally and internationally. This station, affiliated with the University of Oregon, is cherished by its listeners for its diverse classical programming and the quality of its broadcasts.

Reviews and feedback from listeners suggest high satisfaction, with many praising KWAX for its role in providing quality classical music that is often hard to find on other stations. This is reflected in the station's ability to attract listeners not just from its home state but globally, from places as far as Germany and New Zealand, indicating its broad appeal and significant reach​.

Furthermore, the station is known for its engaging on-air programming which includes live concert broadcasts and various classical music genres, contributing to its reputation as a cultural staple in the community​.


Press & Media Coverage

KWAX Radio has received considerable attention in the media for its unique position in the classical music broadcasting sector. Media coverage and monitoring tools like Mentionlytics and Onclusive have shown that KWAX maintains a strong presence both online and in traditional media outlets. These platforms allow for real-time tracking of media mentions and provide detailed analytics, such as sentiment analysis and engagement metrics, which are valuable for assessing the station's reach and impact​​.

Moreover, methods such as PR clipping and media monitoring services are used to gather and analyze mentions of KWAX across various channels, ensuring comprehensive coverage. This includes everything from mainstream media to social media platforms, reflecting the station's broad appeal and the effectiveness of its public relations strategies​.

The station's ability to engage with a global audience through classical music, coupled with strategic use of advanced media analysis tools, highlights its prominence and sustained relevance in the media landscape.



KWAX Radio appeals to a diverse and broad audience, drawing listeners from various age groups and backgrounds, reflecting trends common across the U.S. radio industry. Radio remains a highly popular medium, reaching 92% of U.S. adults weekly, with significant engagement across different demographics, particularly among adults aged 18-49 and 25-54. This age group represents the core of radio's listenership, showing the platform's continued relevance in the digital age​ (Nielsen)​.

The audience demographic for public radio, like NPR which shares similarities with KWAX's classical and news content, tends to skew towards an older and more affluent crowd. Over half of NPR's listeners are between 25 and 54 years old, and these listeners often hold leadership roles in their personal and professional lives, reflecting a high engagement level with the content provided. The median household income of NPR listeners is approximately $115,000 per year, indicating a financially stable audience base​.

Ethnically, public radio listeners are becoming increasingly diverse, with efforts to include more inclusive programming reflecting in the growing percentage of Hispanic and Black listeners. Public radio's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion has helped draw listeners from various ethnic backgrounds.

Overall, the broad reach and diverse listenership of radio stations like KWAX underscore the medium's resilience and adaptability, continuing to engage a wide spectrum of listeners through both traditional broadcasting and digital platforms like streaming and podcasts​.


Known For

KWAX Radio is renowned for its strong dedication to classical music, making it a standout in the radio broadcasting community. It's one of the few stations that consistently delivers a wide range of classical music to its audience, both locally in Eugene, Oregon, and globally through online streaming. The station is part of the University of Oregon, which enhances its educational and cultural outreach​​.

The station's programming includes not only a vast collection of recorded classical music but also live concert broadcasts, which are a significant draw for listeners. This mix of offerings helps KWAX maintain a connection with classical music enthusiasts who appreciate the depth and variety of its programming​.

Moreover, KWAX is known for its listener-supported model, which relies entirely on donations and sponsorships, reflecting a community-driven approach to broadcasting. This model allows KWAX to focus on quality programming without the commercial pressures that other stations might face, and it fosters a strong bond with its audience, who feel directly involved in the station's success​.

Overall, KWAX's commitment to classical music, its community support structure, and its affiliation with the University of Oregon are key characteristics that define its reputation and operational model.



KWAX Radio, operating at 91.1 FM in Eugene, Oregon, has a rich history as a classical music station under the University of Oregon. Established in the late 1950s, it began as a small student-managed station, broadcasting from the university's Villard Hall with a modest 10-watt transmitter. Over the years, KWAX evolved significantly, expanding its reach and enhancing its facilities to better serve a growing audience of classical music enthusiasts​.

Originally focused on serving the local community, KWAX's commitment to classical music helped it carve out a unique niche in radio broadcasting. As it grew, the station increased its power and extended its broadcast range, eventually reaching listeners across a significant part of Oregon and online listeners worldwide through streaming services. This growth allowed KWAX to not only serve local audiences but also attract classical music lovers from around the globe​.

The station's commitment to quality classical music programming, supported by listener donations and sponsorships, has been a cornerstone of its operations. Unlike commercial stations, KWAX's listener-supported model has enabled it to focus on providing a rich and diverse classical music experience without the pressure of commercial interests, thus maintaining its dedication to the art form​.

Today, KWAX continues to thrive as a key player in the classical music broadcasting scene, known for its extensive collection of recordings and live concert broadcasts, making classical music accessible to a wide audience both locally and internationally​​.


Cultural & Social Significance

KWAX Radio holds significant cultural and social importance in the Eugene, Oregon community and beyond, primarily through its dedicated broadcasting of classical music. This focus on classical music enriches the cultural landscape by providing access to both timeless and contemporary compositions that might not otherwise receive widespread airplay. Classical music, known for its complexity and depth, offers cognitive and emotional benefits to listeners, which enhances the cultural fabric of the community.

The station's role extends beyond mere entertainment. By serving as a platform for classical music, KWAX helps sustain and promote the arts within the community. This is particularly crucial in an era where many schools and communities face cuts to arts funding. KWAX provides an essential cultural service by making high-quality classical music accessible to all, thus supporting musical education and appreciation.

Socially, KWAX fosters a sense of community among its listeners. As a listener-supported station, it relies on the engagement and contributions of its audience, creating a mutual dependency that strengthens community bonds. This model encourages active participation from listeners, from attending live events to contributing financially, fostering a strong sense of ownership and pride in the station.

Moreover, KWAX’s broadcasts of live concerts and special events offer listeners the opportunity to experience performances they might not be able to attend in person, thus democratizing access to high-quality cultural events. This not only enhances the cultural life of listeners but also supports musicians and performers by broadening their audiences.

Overall, KWAX Radio plays a crucial role in promoting cultural enrichment and community cohesion through its steadfast commitment to classical music and its inclusive, community-supported operational model.



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Eugene, 91.1 KWAX
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